How To Grow'em Big

     The methods and techniques described in this instructional sheet are simply guidelines. It is not necessary to follow these guidelines to the letter to grow a big one, although you will greatly increase your chances the more you do follow. Using simple, basic gardening practices and watering methods, it is possible to grow a big Atlantic Giant pumpkin. There are also many other things a grower can do on their journey to produce a really big pumpkin not covered in these sheets. The final outcome will depend on the effort put into the plant as well as weather and mishaps along the way. The more effort and care a grower gives to the plant, the better the chances of growing a pumpkin of amazing size. Read the book ‘How To Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins II’, it is the definitive ‘bible’ on growing giant pumpkins. Problems will arise throughout the season. Expect them, be prepared for them and how to react to them. Whether your effort is minimal or bordering fanatical, whether your patch is big or small or whether your new to the hobby or a seasoned veteran, the fact remains that growing giant pumpkins is a summer full of fun. When people stop to gaze at your season’s effort on display in your yard around Halloween time, all the hard work pays off. There aren’t many things that can make people smile in October like a giant jack-o-lantern. And remember, growing big pumpkins is infectious, once you grow them once, there's no turning back, you’ll be hooked, and just maybe your neighbor will be too.

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